Friday, July 2, 2010

Another lazy day to the start of my day but that is what vacations are for: to take life slowly and enjoy. After a lazy morning I went to the train station to find out about getting to the airport on Saturday for my return to the States. I decided to take the airport bus instead of changing subway trains with the amount of luggage I have.

I rode the subway to the Palace and the Royal Gardens to enjoy more of Munich. After emerging from the "underground" I started walking toward the Palace. Along the way I passed an outdoor cafe that had a large flat screen TV of course tuned in to the soccer match in South Africa. Shouts and cheers came from the crowd as they drank their German beer, watching TV and cheering on their team.

Inside the Palace Gardens I arrived just in time to snap a few photos at the perfect time of sunset. I walked the gardens and enjoyed seeing families and tourist alike. Next to the gardens and with the perfect view under shade trees was a Beer Garden which in other words is an outdoor restaurant in the garden. I decided to have dinner here and enjoyed fresh bread and cheese and a penne pasta dish. I know-pasta in Germany? But it sounded good and I had already had schnitzel on my first day in Germany. On the walk back to the hotel I stopped in at a local pastry shoppe to have dessert 'take away' to enjoy in my hotel room. Almond cookie dipped in chocolate-my favorite.

One more stop at the souvenir store and then on to a museum to see the photos display of top photo journalists work.

Back in the hotel now and getting ready to repack for the trip home on Saturday.

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